Coffee Quest 419 Promotes Locally-Owned Shops

(Toledo, OH) Getting your daily jolt of java could win you a prize in Toledo. 

Coffee Quest 419 is a scavenger hunt designed to take you out of your caffeine comfort zone. In fact, that coffee quest is supposed to take you to all over Toledo-- to locally-owned coffee shops fighting for survival with the likes of national chains like McDonald's and Starbucks. 

Those local shops brewed up an idea to draw new customers in May by offering a free T-shirt if they visit a dozen locations by the end of the month-- places like Plate 21, Maddie and Bellas, and Khoa).  

You'll get a ticket and if you earn all 12 stamps, you'll be mailed the T-shirt. Along the way, the hope is customers will find new favorites for their usual cup of Joe.

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