Accused Underwear Thief Faces August Trial

(Bowling Green, OH) An accused underwear thief is headed to trial after rejecting a plea deal. 

34-year old Bradley Feasel is facing more than 15 felony counts-- including burglary, breaking-and-entering, and voyeurism for a string of underwear thefts at homes across Bowling Green. Prosecutors say the fetish goes back at least six years. 

Feasel was arrested last September following a botched break-in, where he fled leaving a pile of underwear and clothes under a window of a woman's residence. Police later searched Feasel's home and found hundreds of female bras and pairs of panties. A

ccording to a search warrant, officers also found a map with various markings in BG, along with journal-style writings regarding different female victims and entry points to their homes. 

Prosecutors offered to drop half the charges if Feasel would serve a 30-year prison sentence, but he turned it down, so he now faces trial in mid-August.

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