Supreme Court to Hear Traffic Camera Arguments

(Columbus, OH) Toledo's battle over traffic cameras go back before the Ohio Supreme Court today. 

Justices will hear oral arguments for at least the third time involving Toledo's red-light and speed cameras. This time, Ohio's attorney general is appealing a permanent injunction Toledo city officials received to keep lawmakers from enforcing a state law where the city would lose an equal amount of funding that was collected through its traffic camera program. 

A Lucas County appeals court last year found that state law to be punitive and retaliation by the Ohio General Assembly. Judges sided with Toledo  for past wins on home rule in the attempted state regulation of communities attempting to improve traffic safety. 

State lawmakers have long called traffic cameras a cash grab. Toledo law department attorneys Adam Loukx and Joe McNamara will try to convince justices to affirm the decision by a three-judge panel at the Ohio Sixth District Court of Appeals.

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