Crime Bills Could See Ohio Senate Vote Today

(Columbus, OH) The Ohio Senate could move forward two crime bills being pushed by the families of Northwest Ohio murder victims. 

Sierah's Law cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday and could be headed to a floor vote later today. Senate Bill 231 would create a statewide violent offender registry that only law enforcement could see, but would give them a list of violent felons living in the midst of others-- a hole in current law that cost 20-year old Sierah Joughin her life at the hands of a Delta man who had been convicted previously of kidnapping. 

The death of a former Anthony Wayne student also is prompting a law change that could see state senate approval. 21-year old Reagan Tokes was kidnapped, robbed, raped, and murdered by a recently released, registered sex offender. 

The Reagan Tokes Act would reintroduce indefinite sentencing-- with maximum and minimum sentences-- for those convicted of certain felonies. The hope is to keep convicts like her killer behind bars, instead of letting them loose on GPS ankle monitors that led to a failure to protect both victims.

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