Regional Water Agreement Changes In Works

(Toledo, OH)   There could be some changes in the agreement to create a regional water authority in northwest Ohio. 

Toledo city officials are hinting that the multi-community pact could be tweaked after hearing from residents at several public meetings.  

At issue is the lease or sale of the Collins Park Water Treatment Plant, an asset critics of the proposed Toledo Area Water Authority say the city should not give up. 

But Sylvania's mayor, who started the regional water talks, emphasizes he won't sign any deal unless it contains three elements-- Toledo and the suburbs must pay the same water rates, contracts for water rates cannot be changed unilaterally by Toledo, and there must be a back-up water source found and secured, such as in Oregon, Bowling Green, or Detroit. 

But there may not be a regional water authority to govern those rates, but a committee or board in some form yet to be determined.

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