Real-Life Game Teaches Life Lessons to HS Students

(Perrysburg Twp., OH) There's a real life game of Life ahead today for Northwest Ohio high school students. 

325 high school students from 12 different schools will head to Owens Community college to test their financial literacy skills. The Finance 101 game is hoped to set teens on the right financial path with a life-sized interactive game full of life lessons. 

Teens will get a salary-based job, the opportunity to have a family, buy a home and car, pay utilities, and plan some family fun. But they must pay bills and manage their money while facing uncertainties including unexpected expenses...of course, all just like in real life. 

The Northwest Ohio Credit Union Alliance and BGSU's education department also are helping in the effort for students from Rogers, Scott, Clay, Eastwood, Genoa, Penta Career Center and several other high schools.

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