Cleanup Starts at Contaminated Wood County Site

(Luckey, OH) Cleanup of the contamination at a former Wood County weapons factory is underway. 

The World War Two-era magnesium processing facility will be cleaned up in five phases, starting with some lagoons at the southern end of the site near Luckey. Contaminated soil on the 40-acre site will be sifted and sent through a radiation detector before being bagged up for transfer to a Michigan hazardous waste dump. 

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is leading the cleanup, which is expected to cost up to $240 million. 

A former Brush Wellman factory on the site may eventually be torn down, but that depends on whether contaminated soil is found under the building. That soil will be tested for beryllium, lead, and radioactive materials. More than 100 people attended a federal briefing held earlier this week at the site.

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