Death Penalty Phase Continues in Tokes Murder Case

(Columbus, OH) The jury will hear more testimony in the death penalty phase of the Brian Golsby trial, the Columbus man convicted of kidnapping, raping, and killing an Anthony Wayne high school graduate. 

Golsby apologized in court Friday to the family of the victim, 21-year old Reagan Tokes-- and asked the jury to spare his life. He also admitted he lied about someone else-- a man he called T.J.-- as someone else who killed Tokes.

The jury could decide between the death penalty, a life sentence without parole, or a 25 years to life sentence.

Meantime, jurors are getting the day off in a Fulton County death penalty trial. There won't be any testimony today in the James Worley trial. But prosecutors will resume tomorrow with more crime-scene investigators and expert witnesses taking the stand. 

Worley could get the death penalty if convicted of kidnapping and killing 20-year old Sierra Joughin as she rode her bike home near Metamora.

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