ECOT to Transfer Thousands of Student Records

(Columbus, OH) A special master will take over operations at the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow to ensure the proper transfer of student records, while the online charter school awaits further court decisions about its future. 

Meantime, thousands of Ohio students are scrambling to find a second semester somewhere else. 

12,000 students need to find someplace else to go, with teachers expected to be laid off today at ECOT. 

The Ohio Department of Education says those students have a number of options, including returning to their home schools, another charter school, homeschooling-- or even a career tech-prep program. 

ECOT's sponsor pulled the plug last week, while ECOT made a last-ditch offer to state education officials on a repayment and governance plan. 

But without the continued backing of the Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West, ECOT must shut down. Whether or not the state taxpayers will get their money back for overinflated enrollment may be decided in the courts.

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