Police To Highlight Cold Case on Social Media

(Toledo, OH)    Toledo police will try to drum up new leads on a 15-year-old cold case today. 

Police officials say they'll suspend their usual social media content to focus completely on the anniversary of Cathy McCune's murder in 2003.  

McCune was fatally shot in the back of the head inside  A-1 Auto Parts, a Detroit Avenue business she and her husband owned. Police at that time believed the 43-year old Perrysburg woman was killed during a robbery by a masked gunman. 

McCune's husband also was shot by the armed intruder who made off with money, but was never caught. Even a $12,000 Crimestopper reward fund in 2003 failed to solve the case. The Toledo police cold-case unit hopes extra social media attention will help generate leads.

Information about the murder will be available on the Toledo police Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

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