St. Mary's Meats Issues Voluntary Recall

(Swanton, OH) A Swanton meat processor is launching another voluntary recall. 

St. Mary’s Meats of Swanton is recalling more than 150 pounds of meat snack sticks packaged with 260 pounds of cheese produced without a proper state  inspection and incorrectly labeled. The recalled products contain monosodium glutamate, or MSG, and sodium nitrite which were not declared on the label. Those ingredients may cause food intolerance for some customers. 

The recalled products include Colby Cheese and Snack Sticks, along with Hot Pepper Cheese and Snack Sticks. The snack sticks were processed and packaged between January first of last year and last week. 

The snack sticks were sold at three convenience stores across Fulton County, including the Country Corral in Delta, Pioneer Main Stop, and T-Mart in Metamora.

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