Toledo's New Mayor Officially Takes The Helm

(Toledo, OH) Toledo's new mayor is challenging city residents "to do good" as he takes office.

Wade Kapsukiewicz took the oath of office Tuesday afternoon at One Government Center, with his wife and two children by his side. According to his new staff, the 45-year old will head to the office on the 22nd floor for his first official duties at 8 a.m. Wednesday.

Kapsukiewicz even quoted Shakespeare during his speech, an analogy about Toledoans deciding their own future, a responsibility he emphasized in the hands of no one else. The new mayor also stated "no one will feel sorry for us" if Toledo fails to seize the opportunity for a better future.

The city's 64th mayor says his first job will be making Toledo a more business-friendly city. District Two city councilman Matt Cherry was elected by fellow Democrats as the new Toledo city council president. 

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