St. Mary's Meats Launches Voluntary Recall

(Swanton, OH) A Northwest-Ohio based meat processor is recalling tons of bacon. 

St. Mary’s Meats of Swanton is launching a voluntary recall of more than 16,500 pounds of bacon that was produced using a process that failed to maintain food safety, first discovered during an inspection by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. 

The products involve a line of smoked bacon, including ends and pieces, sliced bacond, and sliced bacon ends and pieces. The recalled items are from swine harvested between mid-December two years ago and last week. The bacon is packaged in clear plastic and wrapped with white freezer paper in one-pound and one-and-a-quarter-pound quantities. 

The bacon was sold directly from the St. Mary’s Meats processing location and some area farmers’ markets. These products should be thrown out or returned to the company.

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