Census Study Puts NW Ohio Communities Down List

(Toledo, OH) Northwest Ohio communities don't have the financial clout of most other cities in the state. 

Perrysburg is the highest-ranking local community in a census report on Ohio cities for median family income, coming in at 27th. But Perrysburg households topped six figures for the first time, coming in at just over $104,000 per family. 

Sylvania is the only other local city in the top 50, its median family income nearly ten grand less than Perrysburg, which puts Tree City at 38th. 

Maumee ranks 71st, Northwood 83rd, and Oregon 88th in Ohio. All five communities gained $3,000 to $5,000 dollars in income over the past decade. 

Median family income in Ohio cities ranges from a high of $214,850 in the Columbus suburb of New Albany to below $40,000 in 14 separate cities.

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