Elmore Nativity Scene Moved Over Lawsuit Threat

(Elmore, OH) This one seems to be a holiday tradition...somewhere...every year. 

Community leaders in a small Ottawa County town had to move the village nativity scene for the rest of the holiday season, because an outside group threatened a lawsuit. 

Elmore’s Christmas nativity scene has called the village park home for decades-- that is, until a group known as the “Freedom From Religion Foundation” threatened to sue Elmore, claiming its placement there was a constitutional violation of separation of church and state. 

So a former Elmore mayor allowed the nativity scene to be moved to his private property across the street from the park. 

Next year, a lawyer has advised village officials to make it part of an overall holiday display-- so a Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and candy canes will be added so it can moved back to the village park.

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