New Push To Legalize Pot In Ohio

(Columbus, OH)   A new campaign is underway to legalize recreational marijuana in Ohio.  

The owner of a company that missed out on a medical pot-growing license announced plans Monday for a constitutional amendment question on a 2018 ballot.  

Jimmy Gould's "Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol" amendment would allow Ohioans to grow, sell and smoke pot.

Gould with the Free Market Adult Consumption of Marijuana ballot issue says the current proposal is aimed to be much less restrictive than Issue Three, which was voted down by a two to one margin in 2015

The group proposes to legalize recreational use in only a non-public viewable location that can't be accessed by somebody under 21 years of age.  Gould says there would also be proximity restrictions for use in relation to schools and daycares, and farmers would have a voice in how hemp cultivation is regulated.

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