Bill To Regulate Online Gaming Sites Start Intense Debate At Statehouse

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Proposed new statewide rules for online gaming sites like Fanduel and Draft Kings are drawing some intense debate with state senators. 

A bill has overwhelmingly passed the Ohio Senate that would set up regulations for gaming sites like Fan Duel and Draft Kings. State Senator Dave Burke (R-Marysville) points to a question which will further define the regulations.

"The real issue is: is this a game of skill or a game of gambling?" Burke asked. 

Some senators question estimates of how many Ohioans play on sites like Draft Kings and Fan Duel. One point nine million players is the prevailing estimate among lawmakers.

"Given the choice, I'd rather have human beings over at the Casino Control Commission overseeing that as this process develops and matures five years, 10 years down the road than to simply say it's illegal and leave Ohioans exposed," Burke added. 

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