NW Ohio Congressman Proposes Vehicle Terror Bill

(Washington, D.C.) A Northwest Ohio congressman wants to prevent more attacks like the one last week in New York City. 

Congressman Bob Latta has introduced legislation to prevent vehicular terrorism. The Bowling Green Republican's bill directs the Department of Homeland Security  to provide feedback to Congress on the issue. 

Latta says the Vehicular Terrorism Prevention Act is a follow-up to previous efforts to protect Americans against such attacks after watching them become commonplace in Europe. 

Under the bill, DHS leaders would report to Congress on their efforts to assess and prevent acts of terrorism involving vehicles on American soil, including a current threat level for such attacks, what prevention efforts are underway and how the threat can be mitigated. 

The BG Republican first introduced an amendment to a bill in September to give DHS more flexibility to address the threat of vehicular terrorism, but the latest legislation is now a stand-alone bill.

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