Issue 2 Confusing to Ohio Voters Despite Ads

(Columbus, OH) Just one day before ballots are counted, Ohio's Issue 2 seems to still confuse voters. 

Off-year elections tend to draw fewer numbers of voters-- but this year, some may simply stay away from a confusing Issue 2, called by backers the “Drug Price Relief Act” and the "Deceptive Ballot Issue" by critics. 

After $62 million in advertising spent by one side and millions more by the other, Issue Two will likely go down as the most expensive issue race in Ohio history. 

The ballot issue is a constitutional amendment and its language requires state agencies to pay no more for prescription drugs than the does the federal Department of Veterans Affairs. Backers claim it will save customers money, but the amendment applies only to state programs like Medicaid, which is a minority of Ohio voters and residents. 

But the claims and counter-claims on both sides are leaving voters still feeling fuzzy on the issue, according to most polls.

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