Ohio Could See Highest Gas Prices Since 2015

CHICAGO, Illinois - Motorists across the Great Lakes region could soon be facing the highest gas prices since 2015.

Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois have been particularly hard hit this week and it could be getting worse. GasBuddy estimates gas prices could soon rise to $2.99 in Michigan, $2.95 in Indiana and $2.89 in Ohio and Kentucky. Prices in Illinois, mainly around Chicago, could exceed $3 per gallon.

The price hike could be the result of a number of issues. Low gasoline inventories, combined with scheduled refinery maintenance and an outage of the Explorer Pipeline are all driving prices higher. 

GasBuddy believes prices won't stay high for too long. The pipeline is expected to be repaired within days, although it will take a few days to get gas flowing as normal. Gasbuddy is telling motorists to prepare for higher prices in the short term.

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