Imperial Walker Invades Ohio Neighborhood

A Parma family is delighting neighborhood kids and amazing adults with their spectacular Halloween decoration. 

Nick Meyer constructed a 20 foot replica of an Imperial Walker from Star Wars. 

The space-age fighting vehicle is on the front lawn of his home on Luelda Avenue, off of Pearl Road. 

Nick says he started working on the project in his back yard in April. It's made from plastic barrels, wood, and hard foam. 

He had 4 friend help him move it to the front yard for display. 

Wife Becky Meyer says it's become quite an attraction, with people coming by to take photos and videos at all hours of the night and day, many of which have gone viral. 

She says it will come down after Halloween so there won't be any zoning violations, even though neighborhood children want to it stay up year 'round. 

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Photo: Ken Robinson/WTAM


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