Springfield Twp. to Regulate Medical Marijuana

(Springfield Twp., OH) Springfield Township plans to regulate medical marijuana facilities through its zoning code. 

The Lucas County plan commission next week next week will consider new zoning regulations for medical marijuana facilities. Springfield Township trustees are the first in the county to seek approval of limits on where marijuana cultivation, processing, and dispensing centers or a testing lab can locate. The proposal restricts all four types medical marijuana facilities to either an industrial or commericial zone. 

The regulations also would prohibit a facility within 500 feet of a school and limit operating hours to 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

Springfield Township officials last month toured four medical marijuana dispensaries in Ann Arbor and found all operate much like a regular pharmacy. A field analysis of cultivation and processing facilites in Michigan showed them to be pretty nondescript-- unmarked and operating in industrial zones. 

Ohio regulators are expected to announce the first two dozen medical marijuana licenses later this month.

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