Wind Farm Legislation Introduced for NW Ohio

(Findlay, OH) At least one state lawmaker from Northwest Ohio is hoping to see more wind farms, despite tighter regulations for their development. 

Findlay Republican Cliff Hite has introduced a bill to change how far a wind turbine must be from an unoccupied parcel of land. The state senator says the new setback standards could lead to increased development of wind farms by making it more economical to generate electricity. 

Current regulations limit how close a wind turbine can be to a property line or inhabited building. Such big wind farms can help provide money to the local government and school districts through taxes and create renewable energy jobs. 

Hite tried to get an amendment added to the recently-passed state budget, but that never made it through the compromise process in both Houses. Hite  believes he has enough support from GOP senators and the governor on his proposal for it to pass. 

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