Ohio Supreme Court to Hear Toledo Abortion Case

(Columbus, OH) The Ohio Supreme Court will hear a case tomorrow that could close Toledo's only abortion clinic.

Abortion opponents call it the most significant abortion case in state history. Abortion rights advocates say if the Toledo clinic is forced to close, the city would become the first major community in Ohio without access to abortion services. 

The Ohio Supreme Court case stems from abortion regulations enacted by state lawmakers-- at issue is a 2014 Ohio Health Department order to close Capital Care Network because it failed to obtain an agreement with a local hospital to take patients in the event of a medical emergency. 

After state law barred such a contract with UTMC because it involved public funds, the abortion clinic turned to the University of Michigan Health system, but at moe than 50 miles away, public health officials deemed that not local and voided the agreement. 

Two lower courts have so far sided with the abortion clinic, but Ohio's attorney general is asking state justices to decide the case.

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