Toledo Firefighters on Standby for Hurricane Duty

(Toledo, OH) Several Toledo firefighters are on standby this morning, awaiting a call to help in Houston. 

Firefighters already have packed two boats, generators and other supplies needed to rescue people in flood-ravaged Houston.  

Meantime, U.S. Coast Guard crews from the Marblehead station are on their way to Texas with an airboat used in shallow-water rescue operations.

Ten Red Cross volunteers from across northwest Ohio already are helping in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Harvey-- and several more people are being trained to assist hurricane victims. Right now local volunteers are stationed in Dallas because of the flooding in Houston, but remain prepared to help wherever they're needed.

A Red Cross spokesman  says some northern Ohio volunteers are having trouble even getting into Texas to help because of the poor weather, so they're being stationed around the periphery of the storm.

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