Toledo City Council Gets Tapwater Tour Today

Toledo, OH) Toledo's tapwater gets touted today. 

This could be called a field committee hearing, because Toledo city council members will tour the water treatment plant this afternoon. Those city council members will be counted on to help spread the word that Toledo's tapwater is safe, as they receive an update on the upgrades being made to both the treatment plant and the city's water intake. 

The hearing comes as a toxic algae bloom grows and spreads in Lake Erie-- and rumors are circulating about another possible Toledo toxic water crisis is looming on social media and elsewhere. 

The public perception problem could be quelled with more and louder voices touting the treatment plant's millions of dollars worth of investments-- but some on city council will need some convincing.

Meantime, Toledo's water quality dashboard is back to “clear status."  Tests conducted on Friday first showed enough microcystin in untreated water at the intake crib in Lake Erie to declare the season’s first “watch status” on the water quality dashboard. 

But over the weekend, Toledo city officials changed it back, saying the water is safe to drink and treatment processes are underway to remove any remaining microcystin from the water supply.  

Microcystin is a bacteria stemming from algae blooms and can cause liver damage, according to experts. 

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