Ohio Senate Reconvenes Summer Session Tuesday

(Columbus, OH) The Ohio Senate returns to session tomorrow for just the third time in 38 years to consider overriding Governor Kasich's budget vetos.

Senators return to session Tuesday, but may let stand Governor John Kasich's veto of a proposal to increase taxes on health insurers that would have sent money to counties and regional bus services. 

State lawmakers came up with the idea to stem losses from a sales tax on Medicaid-managed care organizations that's being discontinued by the federal government. But the governor used a line-item veto on the $207 million tax increase, saying Ohio risks losing even more Medicaid money. 

The Ohio House has already voted to override. Anti-tax activist Grover Norquist is warning senators that his Washington-based Americans for Tax Reform would be "educating" constituents on any vote, a veiled threat to anyone facing re-election in 2018.

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