Toledo Getting Sued by Driver Over Giant Pothole

(Toledo, OH) A Toledo driver is suing the city for a pothole she claims caused a crash that shattered her face. 

Maggie Vasquez-Cromer was driving to work at the University of Toledo Medical Center  in late February of last year, when she hit a five-foot wide, six-inch deep pothole on Detroit Avenue. 

A lawsuit filed against Toledo city leaders claims the road crater blew out a front tire, causing her to lose control and cross three lanes of traffic, jump the curb and hit a guardrail. Her airbag then deployed, fracturing her jaw, sinuses and a tooth-- leading to several surgeries that left her with ongoing migraine headaches and jaw pain. 

Adding insult to her injuries, Toledo police cited her for the crash, but the ticket was later dismissed. 

The lawsuit alleges city leaders were aware of the pothole, but failed to repair the road crater or warn motorists.

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