Sales Tax Holiday This Weekend in Ohio

(Toledo, OH) This weekend means another sales tax holiday for back-to-school shopping in Ohio.

This is the third straight summer for the back-to-school sales tax holiday in Ohio, which runs Friday through Sunday. That means Ohio's five-and-three-quarter percent sales tax will be waived on clothing worth $75 or less, along with school supplies and instructional materials that cost up to $20 each. 

County sales tax is also waived. A study by the University of Cincinnati shows border counties fare the best during the sales tax holiday-- a net increase of 15 1/2 percent in sales, thanks to out-of-state shoppers and people purchasing extra items not subject to the sales tax break. 

While critics call it a political gimmick, one legislative analysis shows the tax holiday saves shoppers nearly $15 million statewide each year.

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