Candidate for Toledo Mayor Wants More Cops

(Toledo, OH) A candidate for Toledo mayor wants to beef up the police force.

Republican city councilman Tom Waniewski pledges to take Toledo's police ranks from 600 to 700 officers in just two years if he's elected mayor. 

That would take an expensive addition of new officers to more than offset retirements, but the West Toledo councilman says he'd leverage recent increases in city tax revenue and expected budget savings to pay for his proposal. 

Waniewski also pledges to put more of those officers on the streets, calling it a return to "people-powered policing" rather than a data-driven model now in use. For example, The GOP mayoral candidate says he'd rather have an officer solving a neighborhood crime than pointing a speeding camera at drivers from an I-475 overpass. 

Waniewski says a recent poll of his constituents shows crime is their number one concern.

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