GeoBash to Draw Hundreds to Fulton County

(Wauseon, OH) You won't need directions to find a convention at the Fulton County Fairgrounds this weekend. 

That's because the 13th annual Midwest Geobash involves people who treasure-hunt using Global Positioning Satellites-- or GPS. You could call geocaching  the original version of Pokemon Go. 

Geocaching uses longitude and latitude to guide smartphone or computer users to hidden outdoor containers with a logbook inside to be signed by the user...and possibly a small trinket as a prize. 

The three-day Fulton County Fairgrounds event usually draws about 1,500 game-players and their families from across the Midwest who camp all weekend. Geobash runs today through Saturday and features a poker run Friday with destinations to shops in and around Wauseon. 

This year's theme centers on the Back to the Future movies with a time traveling penguin as a mascot.  

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