Concern Growing Over Beryllium Cleanup Site

(Walbridge, OH) There's growing concern about how federal officials will store hazardous waste from a former military production site near Luckey.

Walbridge village officials are discussing a resolution asking the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to develop a safer way to get rid of the contaminated soil and material from a former beryllium plant site. The federal agency plans to transfer some of the haz-mat to dumps near Northwood and Monroe, Michigan. 

The mayors of Walbridge and Northwood asked for another meeting with the feds following a public forum last March, but so far no response. That clean-up could cost more than 100-million dollars at the site where nuclear weapons were created for the Manhattan Project. 

At issue is what will be stored at those landfills, how it will be stored, and how the material will be transported.

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