Public Pool Funding on Toledo City Council Agenda

(Toledo, OH) Whether or not to fund public pools could be a contentious question facing Toledo City Council later today. 

Some council members want pool funding to be a part of the city budget process and others want to see a formal recreation plan for municipal pools and other park-related activities. 

Parks and rec administrators say donations will cover half the cost this summer. But of the estimated $75,000 committed, nearly half of that is from levy funds pledged by the port authority, which is also taxpayer funding. 

Pools are slated to open June 24th for a six-week summertime run.

Toledo City Council also will consider a proposal this evening to hire outside law firms to collect an estimated $34-million in unpaid income taxes, outstanding water and sewer bills, and delinquent red-light and speed camera citations. Those five law firms would get to keep as much as 20 percent of what is collected on behalf of city government.


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