Toledo City Officials Hope to Open Public Pools

(Toledo, OH) Toledo officials are expecting to be able to open city pools by the scheduled opening time towards the end of the month. 

But some Toledo City Council members contend waiting until the last minute to get official approval is not the way to get things done. Council member Sandy Spang railed against the pools not being budgeted and donations secured sooner during a public hearing Tuesday.

But councilman Tyrone Riley countered that the pools are necessary to give kids and young adults something to do this summer. He stated the funding isn't that much to provide such a service.

City administrators say it has commitments in the form of donations for about half the amount of funding it needs to operate the pool. In the past, the city has put the estimate at around $300,000, but this year, it says it can run the pool on less than half of that amount. Part of the money-saving efforts include using city employees instead of private contractors for maintenance.

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