Bryan Retiree Becomes Social Media Sensation

(Bryan, OH) A recent retiree from Northwest Ohio is becoming a bit of a social media icon.

Al Braun's last day became pretty special at the Dum-Dum lollipop factory in Bryan. After 48 years with Spangler Candy company, he's seen his share of suckers come and go-- more than 50 billion of the lollipops, in fact. 

Braun started as a 90-day temporary worker at the Bryan-based candy company in 1969, making bubble-gum cigarettes. But he's spent the last quarter-century bagging Dum Dums. 

The Williams County company honored Braun's last day with a Facebook post that's been shared nearly 200,000 times and has almost 150,000 reactions since then. 

There may be plenty more Facebook posts to come-- one of every five Spangler employees has logged at least 25 years on the job-- and 17 members of the 500-person workforce have been there 40 years.

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