Owens Community College Released From Fiscal Watch

PERRYSBURG TOWNSHIP, Ohio - Chancellor John Carey informed Owens Community College Tuesday that the school was being released from fiscal watch. 

Additionally, the State Auditor's Office confirmed that the conditions that lead to the fiscal watch had be remedied. 

Owens was placed in fiscal watch in April 2015. The college developed a financial recovery plan that was approved by the board of trustees in July 2015. 

“We are pleased with the concentrated effort put forth by Owens Community College to address its financial situation and get on the path to fiscal recovery,” said Chancellor Carey. “The release of the college from fiscal watch status is the result of diligence and hard work. We look forward to seeing Owens continue on this path.”“Going forward, financial diligence is very important.  We are still concerned with factors not within the College’s control – such as limits to state funding and declining enrollment trends,” stated President Mike Bower, Ph.D. “We must continue to control expenditures and build the reserves.”

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