Changes To Ohio CCW Laws Take Effect Today

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohio Senate Bill 199 took effect today. It makes a variety of changes to the law that gives gun owners with a Concealed Handgun License more flexibility to exercise their rights.

The new law expands the list of places where permit holders can carry guns, including daycare centers, private planes, and non-secure areas of airports. 

Businesses, property owners, and public or private employers can no longer ban a person who has been issued a valid CHL from transporting or storing a firearm or ammunition when the items are locked in a person's privately-owned motor vehicle on company property. Guns remain banned on college campuses, but officials can allow certain people or groups to be armed.

In addition, the new law allows CHL-holders to keep their handgun locked in a motor vehicle on school premises; allows colleges and government bodies to decide for themselves if concealed-carry should be allowed; allows CHL-holders to carry on private aircraft, in the non-secure area of airports and in day-care centers, unless the day care posts a "no-guns" sign, allows active military members who have the same or greater training than CHL holders to carry a concealed handgun without a license; and allows the sale of firearms to active duty military members without regard to their age.

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