Ohio's Attorney General Warning About Simple Phone Scam

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says there's a new scam out there and his office has gotten some calls about it. 

Can you hear me. Those four words could get an unsuspecting person into a world of hurt if the scam artist is not caught right away. DeWine says his office has already gotten about ten calls about it, and that means there are victims who are too embarrassed to report what happened to them. 

"Some of them have different things, but its always going to something that costs you money. So when someone calls you up and says 'can you hear me?', unless you know who it is and unless you know what is going on, I would simply hang up the phone," DeWine says. 

He says the scammers' trick is to catch people off guard. He says, don't fall for it. 

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