Check Fiscal Stress of Toledo, County With Auditor Tool (LISTEN)

Dave Yost, Ohio Auditor (R), today announced a new tool which allows Ohio's 247 cities and 88 counties to assess their financial health and help make more sound decisions with their budgets. The tool is also available online for citizen review.

The Auditor for the State of Ohio is charged with identifying local governments and school districts to be placed in fiscal caution, fiscal watch, or fiscal emergency status.  As of 2015, the City of Toledo has a total of six indicators with a critical or cautionary outlook.  Lucas and Wood Counties fare much better.  Perrysburg received a perfect score.

To review any city or county financial health, click here.

Yost was interviewed today by The Scott Sands Show on News Radio WSPD about the tool, and his announcement to run for Attorney General for the State of Ohio in two years.

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