C&B 24/7: Clay & Buck’s Show Prep

Newsweek: Why Do American Elites Want War in Ukraine? – Raheem J. Kassam

New York Post: ‘Betraying the American people’: Leaked video reveals Joe Biden’s ‘hush hush’ migrant invasion – Miranda Devine

Daily Wire: Massive Truck Convoy Crosses Canada To Protest Vaccine Mandates. It May Be Longest Truck Convoy Ever Recorded

HotAir: Rebound: Q4 GDP hits 6.9%, annual rebound highest since 1984

Federalist: Finally Noticing Lockdowns Are Killing Kids Does Not Absolve The Left – Ben Carson

UK Daily Mail: Biden fears NATO might BLOCK his deployment of troops to Eastern Europe by member countries who do not want to enrage Putin and believes America might have to go it alone

Newsweek: Denmark to End Most COVID Restrictions and ‘Welcome the Life We Knew Before’

Reuters: Denmark to lift Covid curbs in return to ‘life as we knew it’

Breitbart: Poll: Most Americans Fear Coronavirus Is Forever

Daily Wire: ‘We Have Failed Our Children’: Goldie Hawn Talks COVID Policies, Pandemic Trauma

UK Daily Mail: Long COVID expert says the world is in ‘deep trouble’ and millions may suffer from debilitating physical and cognitive issues for YEARS after being infected

JustTheNews: Amid violent crime wave, permissive, Soros-funded prosecutors under fire nationwide

HotAir: Meltdown in Georgia: Black voter disapproval of Biden quadruples

Breitbart: Politico: Insulting Peter Doocy ‘Can Save Biden’s Presidency’

Daily Wire: Dem Senator Says Breyer’s Replacement Should Not Make Decisions Just Based On The Law

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