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Cops Can’t Even Return Fire Anymore Without Sparking Looting

Police Shooting Leads To Widespread Looting And Violence In Chicago

Apparently during the Black Lives Matter Movement, the only time it is justifiable for a police officer to return fire is when he has already been struck by a bullet.

Violence broke out late Sunday night in Chicago after a police-involved shooting earlier in the day. The shooting led to a confrontation between residents and responding officers after an unsubstantiated rumor emerged that the person hit by the gunfire was a child, which was not the case.

But tensions simmered and by late Sunday night, anarchists took to the streets in the city’s posh Magnificent Mile and did what anyone looking for social justice would do: they smashed windows of high-end department stores and grabbed everything they can fit into a bag. The looting and rioting was so awful, even Mayor Lori Lightfoot was forced to hold a press conference to say that police are going to hold the looters accountable.

Buck Sexton, the host of “The Buck Sexton Show,” pointed to the chaos that was sparked by a “lawful, entirely appropriate” shooting under the law and warned that this could be the country’s new standard response to any police-involved incident.

“Even when cops get shot at now—not even just someone trying to take their gun and kill them with it—someone’s actively shooting at police, and police returned fire,” Sexton said. “There can still be looting. There can still be riots.”


Sexton said these violent protests are “all about blaming society’s ills.”

“Everyone who lives in a crime-ridden area, a place that is just full of despair, lack of education, lack of intact families, hopelessness. It’s the cop’s fault,” Sexton said. “It’s not the Democrat left’s obsession with undermining the family, with treating marriage like a joke, with expanding the welfare state and limiting personal responsibility at every opportunity.”

Sexton said police have become very useful for Democrats right now. 

“The men with nightsticks and guns, they’re the reason that you don’t feel safe in your neighborhood, not the fact that there are a whole lot of people with criminal records who are now out on the streets because of bail reform or that there are people that feel like they’re untouchable by those very cops because all it takes is a video from a cell phone that looks bad.”

Sexton said many cops likely step back during the current climate. Why would a police officer ever be assertive when that could not only lead to the end of his career, but threats against his family for the rest of his life?

“I get it,” Sexton said. “I understand this is the America the Democrat Party is trying to bring about.”

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