EXCLUSIVE: Governor Mike DeWine On Extending Ohio Safe Order Through May 29

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine today issued a new Stay Safe Ohio order effective through May 29. While some businesses will be allowed to gradually reopen in the state, many remain closed including: schools, restaurants, bars, personal appearance, adult day support, child care, gyms, and other entertainment. Following today's press conference, he spoke exclusively with The Scott Sands Show -- click here to listen with our free iHeartRadio app.

Here are highlights of the changes...

Effective May 1: 

  • Healthcare facilities are now permitted to conduct nonessential medical procedures that do not require an overnight stay.
  • Dentists can resume.
  • Veterinarians can reopen.

Effective May 4:

  • General office environments are permitted to return to work. Gov. DeWine, however, is urging employers tocontinue work-from-home procedures"as much as humanly possible" until further notice.
  • Manufacturing, distribution and construction can resume.

Effective May 12: 

  • Retail locations can reopen.

NOTE: All of the items listed above include specific safety requirements involving personal protective equipment, scattered shifts, physical distancing and other restrictions. You can read those requirements HERE.

Many of the original restrictions from the first stay-at-home order remain in effect, including prohibited gatherings of more than 10 people and physical distancing requirements of at least six feet.

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