Our Thoughts: Arya Had Sex on Game Of Thrones and the Internet Went Crazy!

SPOILER ALERTIf you haven't watched Sunday's episode of"Game of Thrones"yet, this might be a good time to leave the room and grab a beer or something.

On Sunday night, Arya Stark felt the end might be near, and she wanted to scratch that one thing off her bucket list. I think you know the thing I'm referring to. So Arya gave up her virginity to her old friend Gendry.

The Internet lost its collective mind, because Arya is played by MAISIE WILLIAMS, who was 14 when the show started. Even though she's 22 now, and Arya is 18, it's just hard to see her like that. It's interesting how we have no qualms about seeing her SLIT SOMEONE'S THROAT at any age. But treat her like a sexual being, and everyone loses their damn minds.

Anyway, people immediately started looking up Arya Stark's age . . . as if the age of consent was ever really a thing that mattered in"Game of Thrones". But HBO felt the need Tweet to that Arya is indeed 18.

Salon.com writer Amanda Marcotte wrote: "My mind sprung through all the rationalizations to justify my discomfort: I don't know if she's old enough! Even if she is, she started off on the show as a child, making this weird! We're not used to thinking of Arya that way! Couldn't they have been more coy about the whole thing?"

We talked with Amanda on The Scott Sands Show about Arya's now-famous sex scene, CLICK HERE TO LISTEN on our free iHeartRadio app.

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