Snow Emergency Levels Are Stupid

This past weekend, parts of Northwest Ohio received anywhere from 4" to 9" of snow.  Meteorologists, TV Stations, Radio, Newspaper, and your next door neighbor began talking about the winter storm nearly a week in advance.  Stores were quickly selling out of bread and milk as early as Thursday before the storm was expected to begin on Saturday.  Yet, right on schedule, a Level 1 Snow Emergency was issued for much of Northwest Ohio early Saturday morning.  Level 2 and Level 3 followed as more snow fell.  There were business closings throughout the day.  Cancellations.  And, people stayed home.

Except ... in Wood County, where it was apparently rainbows and unicorns, as no Snow Emergency was declared by the Sheriff.

Did the weather completely miss Wood County or do people who live there have more common sense?

I understand the purpose of Snow Emergency Levels, but I believe they do more harm to the economy than good for public safety.  People can look outside, check the forecast, and make their own determination about how safe it is to drive.

Michigan seems to do just fine without declaring a "snow emergency."  And, they get more snow!

We talked with Wood County Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn about his decision making on Snow Emergency Levels.  Listen here and comment.

NEW:  Read this update released from Sheriff Wasylyshyn on Wednesday afternoon.

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