Debate Bingo-Print Your Card And Play Along At Home Tuesday

Tuesday will be the first of the three scheduled debates between President Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden. It may be one of the most anticipated debates ever for different reasons. Trump's unorthodox style left people stunned when he debated then candidate Hilary Clinton in 2016. He prowled the stage, interrupted her with side comments, and suggested she be locked up. What will happen this time with a much more sedate Joe Biden? Biden's loudest retorts are Malarkey! , C'mon man! and You're a dog faced pony soldier!

I've designed two Debate Bingo Cards for the debate. Simply cross off a word or phrase whenever the candidate uses it. First one to score BINGO! is the king of your house. You can print these or click on the links and generate different ones for everyone in your house or at your watch party. Have fun and call me Wednesday to let me know how it went.

Debate Bingo Card Trump

Debate Bingo Card Biden