Fred spoke with Earleen Belcher about suicide prevention walk October 3rd

Earleen Belcher and Fred talk about Earleen's Out Of The Darkness Walk on October 3. Earleen has walked the annual Out Of The Darkness walk with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention the last few years but this year's event will be virtual due to the coronavirus. That wasn't enough for Earleen who understands the importance of people sharing their grief who decided to hold a walk of her own to honor her grandson Ajane. Earleen's walk will begin promptly at 9a on Saturday October 3 at the Waterside Clubhouse on Longwater Dr in Maumee witch check in scheduled for 8:30a. There is no registration fee and the the walk will be held using social distancing regulations and with the use of face masks. For information go to the Facebook page Earleen Belcher