Toledo activist Julian Mack talks protests and solutions with Fred LeFebvre

Saturday the City of Toledo saw two very different responses to the killing of George Floyd. The first were two peaceful rallies held in West Toledo and then downtown. Following the downtown rally however groups of protesters and police clashed, the reasons are in dispute at this time.

Businesses downtown were left with damage, a Target store on Alexis was looted along with a beauty supply store in the same center. The Mayor place a curfew on a portion of downtown but that only served to move the troublemakers to other parts of the city.

Sunday was a different story with a large protest rally taking place again in West Toledo and extending down Talmadge Rd.

I spoke with Julian Mack about the protests and the damage and more importantly about what changes need to take place.

A group called Campaign Zero has a ten point plan that you should take a look at. CAMPAIGN ZERO

My interview with Julian is long but well worth the listen I think.

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