This Memorial Day Visit The Military Memorial Pathway In Point Place

For nearly a decade now Vietnam Veteran Nick Haupricht has been working diligently to honor those who have fought and died in America's wars. Nick worked for many years in Washington D.C. lobbying members of Congress to have The Wall built. When he returned to Toledo he saw a need to honor those from Lucas County and Toledo for their service.

To that end Haupricht began work on raising funds to build what is known as the Military Memorial Pathway in Point Place on Summit Street. At this point memorial stones and plaques have been erected but work continues to purchase a Huey helicopter to place at the site along with some further landscaping.

I would invite you to visit the site this weekend and spend a minute or two reflecting on the sacrifice of these men and women. If you'd like to contribute to the completion of the site make a donation to Remembrance Inc at this GoFundMe page Military Memorial Pathway

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