Did Bernie Call Warren A Liar? Thursday Sixty Minute Poll

The Democrat debate on Tuesday night brought some fireworks to the stage but not until it finished. During the question period Bernie Sanders was asked if he had told Elizabeth Warren that a woman couldn't win against Donald Trump. Sanders emphatically said "i never said that". Warren replied that they were friends and she wasn't going to fight him on stage during the debate.

Things seemed to be smoothed over but when the debate finished Warren walked toward Sanders who had his hand extended for a handshake. Warren refused and instead said "you called me a liar on national television." Sanders wanted no part of that discussion and suggested they talk about it another time. They both turned and walked away from each other without shaking hands.

Did Bernie really call her a liar, or was he just stating the facts as he recalled them from two years ago. Is it possible he said Warren couldn't beat Trump not that a woman couldn't?

Do you think Sanders called Warren a liar on national TV? THURSDAY 60 MINUTE POLL

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Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

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