Florida Teens Arrested Over 'Exceptionally Dangerous' TikTok Challenge

Police officer handcuffing young man against wall

Photo: ncognet0 / E+ / Getty Images

A pair of teenagers in Florida were arrested for participating in a challenge they saw on TikTok. The Hernando County Sheriff's Office said that the teens, who were both 15, are facing numerous charges related to the challenge, which involves kicking down doors in the middle of the night.

Authorities said they received four reports over the past two weeks from homeowners who said their doors were damaged in the middle of the night by people kicking them in.

The teens' actions were caught on the homeowners' doorbell cameras.

Officers tracked down the teens, who lived within walking distance of the homes and took them into custody. They were each charged with four counts of burglary of a dwelling.

Authorities warned about the dangers of the challenge, including the possibility of getting shot by a startled homeowner.

"This situation was exceptionally dangerous on several levels," said Sheriff Al Nienhuis. "First, there was a very good possibility that these young men could have been shot and killed by a homeowner lawfully defending the household. Second, if this occurred, the homeowner would have been burdened with the fact he or she killed two teenagers who were participating in a stupid activity."

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